Coincidence or Conspiracy?

You and me?
Coincidence or conspiracy?
Never would I escape this coincidence.
Never would I hate this conspiracy!
For you, I’d do anything
I’d do the magic.
I’d do the impossible.
and I’d fight with the fate.
But I’d not utter a single word.
For the west wind that blows
To north, is doing the reckoning
of what I pour into the paper.
For the wind, has the power.
And the prophecy from the wind
will witness my love!
-A Wallflower

7 Days of Horror

horror main

Dear all,

I am a survivor, a warrior and a conqueror
of the days when I am fenced
by bars and bricks,
that you can’t see.
It’s a saga of flowing tar.
Where from sunshine to twilight,
and from the most enliven faces to tootling creatures,
The whole caboodle gets inside my veins
Until it blaze.
The suffering doesn’t end here
It starts especially when,
I try to keep it subtle,
Grit my teeth and
emphatically spread my lips to smile
Because obviously I am a “good girl” and
Don’t want to come upfront rude and impolite.
I get the urge to scratch
the skin out of my body.
Where I shrug away all the comfort
And then seek for the same.
Where after this aeon of pain
I’d forgive you for being an unkind loser
Or perhaps for nothing,
but just for existing in the same world as me.
However, for the matter of fact
Just come prepared with your armour on
Coz’ the smell of your annoying flesh
Breathing around me is too much to handle.
-A wallflower

April- Month of Poetry

Stuck between a forever block
and a fixed time slot
To what purpose April,
You have been bought?
It’s cruel, it’s brutal
This time of the year
When poets howl.
With the stir of mystical memories,
mournful and sombre emotions
of their owners,
the blood That flows
through the tip of quill
I dare you to halt.
-A wallflower 

Playing Cards- Game or Gamble?

Laurels for India-


Pranab Bardhan and Shubhnath Sarkar have made India proud by scaling new heights and acquiring top-notch position in Bridge. 60-year-old Bardhan and his 56-year old partner have made India proud by winning gold medal in the Asian Games.

Women pair has also stepped into Asian Games in Bridge. While bridge made its debut in Asian Games this year only, it was a great victory for us.

Pranab Bardhan and Shubhnath Sarkar though, brought the laurels for the country but initially IOA (Indian Olympic Association) refused to send them for the games but later agreed after HCL chief Shiv Nadar interfered in between. They got their clearance three days in advance.

Sarkar has found telling in interviews that people have pointed their fingers on them and saying “You are going this far just to gamble”. Sarkar gave them an apt reply to these people. He said “ Yes, it is the game of riches but no one can win it without using their brain”.


Myths and Misconceptions

Card games have been around for a long time. There is something about them which is very appealing but, for several years its oppressed under a belief that it is a kind of gambling.

“All card games are chance-driven. Chances of winning money on such games are just based on luck.” this myth had taken over every mindset. Card games aren’t gambling. Many people play these games just for the sake of pleasure or just for the contest of skill.

There is a thin line which differentiates gambling and gaming. As long as money isn’t involved, it’s not gambling. Sometimes the players just involve money for it becomes the method of keeping a score.

Legality of playing card games in India-

On february 20th, 2015 Supreme Court ruled that playing cards be not gambling or a kitty party game but, it is a physical sport as it involves use of hands and skill.

Advocate V. Lakshmi Kamran who was fighting for this case stated an excellent point, he said “Going by the definition of government if playing cards is gambling then, chess also should not be a sport.”

“Rummy, game of 13 cards is a game of skills” stated Supreme Court in 1968. It also stated that a game which is merely based on skills can not be called gambling.

However, different states have different laws like in Assam, Orissa and Telangana, players are not allowed to play for cash. Maharashtra and Nagaland government has strictly prohibited gambling but it leaves a scope for the games of skills.

While in Goa, Daman Diu and Sikkim have liberal laws. Gambling is also allowed but hotels and individuals need special permissions from the state Government, and they will have to pay recurring and non-recurring fees for the same. Punishment of imprisonment for 3 years and 5,000RS will be chargeable for any person who will be found gaming in common gaming house.

When it comes to poker though, Supreme Court has said skillful games are not gambling, the State Government have their different rules like Karnataka in 2013 and Calcutta in 2015 has exempted poker from Gambling while, Kerela and Gujrat government are on the verge of making poker legal.

Though, Flush, a game of cards popularly known as Teen Patti is purely based on chance and luck which is why it is not legal in India.

Future of playing cards in India-

Recently, Poker Sports League (PSL) has approached the real pro of Chess Vishwanathan Anand as their Brand Ambassador.

“In the last few years popularity of poker has increased. It has also opened the gates for our youngsters to explore their career in this game.” said Anand. He also said playing cards is no different from the game of chess as it also requires a defined skill sets. He further added that he also plays poker and enjoy the game at an amateur level.

A Pune based hospitality, Adda 52 organises many events for several card games both online and live. It makes money through tournament fees and services provided for the various games.

They have come up with the new idea which is getting viral among youngsters. They made a fusion of Brag and Bridge.

Companies like K365, POKERBAAZI, JUNGLERUMMY, RUMMYCIRCLE.COM etc also support and organise such games.

So, next time someone calls you a gambler for playing card games tell them according to various researches it has been found that games like Poker, Rummy, Bridge, Patience, War etc. needs 95% of mathematical skills.

After all remembering and calculating pattern of game, sequence of cards, which card has fallen down and which are remaining are the tasks for geniuses only.


Aamchi Mumbai


Tall buildings, racing vehicles, local trains and vada pao stalls everywhere are the first few things that I noticed when I first came to this city famously known as ” Mayanagri”. My heart couldn’t help pounding out of excitement as I was experiencing everything that I have only heard about Mumbai or probably have seen them in the Movies.


Having a habit of observing everything, I was very keenly absorbing everything. I saw Mumbai. I saw Mumbaikars. I saw everything from a different perspective. I came Mumbai with some presumptions that changed slightly overtime. Mumbai is beautiful but I saw different sides of everything both good and bad. On one side there were huge sky touching buildings where people lead a lavish life and on the other hand there were chawls where fighting with the space and basic needs like daily water supply is the part of a routine. I saw the people here many of them restored my faith in humanity but some of them just disgusted me.

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To the moon and back… Remember??

I remember how they pointed “look how he looks at you”

And how I hid my face which just got blush red behind an eye roll.

And how it gave me chills to be addressed as your girl.

And how I wanted to flaunt us to the world.

How I wanted to quit the ride just to walk with you few more miles, while I hold your hand tight.

Inside the view, besides you I wanted the night to be quite and the moon to be full and bright,

so that I can enjoy the harmony of my racing heartbeat and your whisper

and surprisingly, it never felt mushy when we dreamt of being mistress and mister.

Oh dear god! How just one look of yours was able to make me melt

and how just one touch of yours was the only thing I demanded to be felt.

I lost the train of my thoughts as my heart flickered at the call of my name.

I looked for you, looked longer and longer for you.

No it ain’t being paranoid.

You can see it too, yet unsee.

Our silence among our chaos speaks louder than we can bear.

Where did we go wrong?

What was that bug that attacked and loosened our bond so strong?

I don’t know who should I blame?

Will you ever look at me like you do in the picture in that frame?

Where are we going from here?

If not towards the end where are we going from here?

-A wallflower 🌼

Odd girl out! 

An oddball, a loner, recluse, asocial and what not.

A piece of puzzle that just doesn’t fit.

More like Mogli between humans.

Seized with cynicism and scepticism

But come along,

Come along If you want to be strange

Come be strange together but alone

Wander alone, shop alone, eat alone, live alone, die alone.

Where being your true self is the only norm.

Let’s stand on the left sife of the margin line

Let’s find the depth of our mind

Coz’ you my dear are a rare find.
-A wallflower 🌼

I have always been different from others. My thoughts, my lifestyle, my likes and dislikes everything has always been different like I like spending time alone. I like treating myself. I like going out for a dinner with just myself. I like going on a trip alone and I just don’t feel lonely and there are many things. I get a lot of judgements for my choices since they don’t understand that but it hardly matters. I am an individual and as long as my choices, my decisions and my doings are not hurting anyone I am not doing anything wrong and I am not at all guilty about that.

I know many people who are a bit different from others get scared to come out publicly as who they are. So chill out people. Nobody’s going to come at your funeral to lessen your regret of not living your life the way you wanted to. Life is too short to not do what you really love doing.

Keep smiling, keep learning, keep growing amd keep spreading love.

“Being human”… Really? Are we? 

A country which was once home for millions. 

Where the sky was blue and the fields were green. 

Where little Sayeda ran past fondling lilies. 

Until someone gatecrashed… 

Someone with a conspiracy, 

Conspiracy of sabotaging, 

Someone who came with guns, bullets and bombs. 

Distraught Sayeda ran… Ran to save her life. 

She put her hands in her ear to stop the screeching cries of her loved ones. 

She ran till the end of the world but all she could spot was green field turning into red. 

She lied there with shattered hope, 
Cursing the filthy souls

Up there was the sky witnessing humanity getting butchered. 

At that very moment, she gathered all her voice for the utter cry of her wretchedness will reach to the four corners of the Earth 

and the stories of their barbarity would be carved from the blood of those who are innocent. 

Who died probably wondering “Is that what a home looks like?” 

-A wallflower 🌼 

I just can’t say anything about what’s happening in Syria. I am speechless and in shock. May god give hearts to those who are destroying my faith in humanity. 

Share your thoughts. Raise your voices. Let’s protest peacefully through our words. 

Discretion of words…

Draw me as you see me

Paint my moods in blue, 

My soul as black and white and

Choose the whole new shade of grey for my chaos. 

Do not forget to draw the scars that my heart holds as they all have a story to tell. 

Make my skin as dark as possible 

I may not be considered as pretty but it’ll make your art revolutionary. 

Make a background of my delusions, daydreams and nightmares too. 

Draw everything, just spare my words as only I choose which truth needs to be exposed in bold or in italics or in cursive.

-A wallflower 🌼 
It’s all about the perception. How I see myself, how you see me. May be what’s beautiful in my opinion probably you don’t find it so and it’s ok it’s normal you’re allowed to. Chuck all the beauty standards. Let’s make our own definition of beauty. 

Tell me what you find beautiful. It may be a place, a person or a feeling or anything ❤️. 

My moment… 

Towards the midnight blue, 

Leafless Dusky trees, 

In a deepening deafening silence 

Stiryness in the wind, 

Stillness in the view

That’s my moment… 

Moment of peace,

Moment of eternity… 

Full of me, my choices and my twisted poetry!
-A wallflower 🌼 

Moments where we feel content are the moments we live for. That was my moment. Share yours.