First blog post

This is the post excerpt. … More First blog post


Being me! 

Dive a little deeper in my mind To find, the thoughts almost like a thunder Reasons for all my created blunders…  Seldom I try to whisper, to murmur  But the words gets cemented in my throat.   Solitude is my comfort. Few minutes of interactions, then Towards seclusion I deviate I alienate, I isolate. Planning … More Being me! 


Phewww!!!  Long time. It has been a long time since I wrote something here. I never stopped writing though. I had few topics in my mind and I tried, yes! I tried my best to get my thoughts on paper but it didn’t happen. I left all those ideas in the middle of nowhere. I … More Prisoners! 

First crush! 

While decluttering the mess in my shelf I found something which took me down in the lanes of memories when I was about to enter into one of the most important phases of life that is called “teenage” life. Teenage is all about first(s). First crush, first love, first trip with friends and so many … More First crush! 

That cruel black dog!

Famously, Winston Churchill referred to his depression as  “the black dog.” I find this irrelevant. Though, I am not fond of dogs still I don’t appreciate this metaphor. Dogs are loyal and human’s best buddies whilst the depression blues are the worst companions. People who are dealing with depression or have dealt with it before … More That cruel black dog!